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Heater Craft

Heater Core 300/400

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Replacement tube and fin heater core for 300H and 400H hydronic heater 5/8" hose barb.

Replaces: 300 (3 Vent), 340 (4 Vent), 360 (6 Vent), 400 (Grill) Sport, Pro and Elite systems


1 - Tube and fin style heater core


6.5" W x 16" L x 4'' D


If system is older than 2002 you will need Marine Heater - 300 Unit Only (Sport, Pro, Elite)

If system is from 2003-2005 you will need Wrapper Complete 300H (4 Outlet)

If system is newer than 2005 you will not need to purchase any additional components

If system is older than ten years we recommend Marine Heater - 300 Unit Only (Sport, Pro, Elite) 

Note: Ships within 2 to 4 weeks due to current high demand.