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Heater Craft

300 Series

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The 40,000 BTU/hr three vent heater is easily vented to bow and rear seating areas while the third can be ducted to the drivers seat. Our heaters are perfect for a late night boat ride, warming up after a swim or simply extending your season on the water. 

Technical Specifications

  • 40,000 BTU 
  • Amperage: Low 4.4, Med 5.8, High 8.5
  • Maximum estimated BTU/h: 40,000
  • Air flow: Low 230 cfm, Med 228 cfm, High 263 cfm.
  • Hose barb: 5/8"

Dimensions: 16 W x 6.5 H x 9.5 D (without mounting brackets)

Installation Manual

Heater Kits Include:


  • One Heater Unit w/wire harness
  • One High Low switch 
  • 3" Vent hose (6ft per vent)
  • Two 6' Sixteen-gauge wire
  • Universal mounting brackets & screws
  • Heavy duty wire ties
  • Installation Manual

PRO Kits - Includes everything above PLUS:

  • 50 ft of Heater Hose
  • One Low Idle "Y"
  • Universal brass fittings
  • Six stainless steel hose clamps

Elite Kits - Includes everything above PLUS:

  • One Circulation Pump
  • Low idle "Y" does not come with the Elite Kit

Note: Usually ships in 7-14 days