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Heater Craft

300 Series

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The 40,000 BTU/hr three vent heater is easily vented to bow and rear seating areas while the third can be ducted to the drivers seat. Our heaters are perfect for a late night boat ride, warming up after a swim or simply extending your season on the water. 

Technical Specifications

  • 40,000 BTU 
  • Amperage: Low 4.4, Med 5.8, High 8.5
  • Maximum estimated BTU/h: 40,000
  • Air flow: Low 230 cfm, Med 228 cfm, High 263 cfm.
  • Hose barb: 5/8"

Dimensions: 16 W x 6.5 H x 9.5 D (without mounting brackets)

Installation Manual

Heater Kits Include:


  • One Heater Unit w/wire harness
  • One High Low switch 
  • 3" Vent hose (6ft per vent)
  • Two 6' Sixteen-gauge wire
  • Universal mounting brackets & screws
  • Heavy duty wire ties
  • Installation Manual

PRO Kits - Includes everything above PLUS:

  • 40 ft of Heater Hose
  • One Low Idle "Y"
  • brass fittings 

Elite Kits - Includes everything above PLUS:

  • One Circulation Pump
  • Low idle "Y" does not come with the Elite Kit

Note: Ships in 3-5 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Four season Motor sport

very good product, fit is perfect. shipping is fast

Victor Manningham
Excellent service

I ordered direct from Heatercraft because of the excellent customer support.


300 Series

Elite Wake Service
Great heater

Works perfect. Comes with everything you need.

Brandon Riggins
300 Series Elite

Kit is very well thought out and works perfectly . The supplied circulation pump really makes the difference at idle speeds . The only down side I see is the hot tubes are the previous design , at least in the latest kits I’ve ordered . The version 2 tubes have nicer vents.