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Heater Craft

Golf Cart Heater Kit

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Stay warm on the green with the Golf Cart Heater Kit. This USA made product is designed for golf carts, featuring durable aluminum construction and powder-coated finish. The heater system provides instant warmth on the course. Enjoy a comfortable round of golf, rain or shine! 


  • 36vDC - 48vDC - Heating Element
  • 16 running amps @ 48vDC (MAX) - Heating Element
  • 12vDC Fan
  • 480W
  • Inrush Amperage of 30 at start up requires slow blow fuse of 25 amps
  • Btu/hr 1600

Dimensions: 5 3/4"L x 4 1/2"W x 4"H

Note: Ships in about 1 week 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mission Golf Boerne
"Hot Item"

Lots of requests for Golf Car Heaters - this is the ONLY one we use! Quality product, simple installation - a win / win for us - and our customers.....

harvey salzberg

great service

Great Customer Service

The team is always there to help and makes a solid built prodcut.

love how it frees up space but doesnt heat like a Mr. Heater

i have this installed in my golf cart. While the fan works and there is heat it really doesnt offer much heat compared to a Mr. Heater.
Even on a mild day -- high 50's low 60's and fully enclosed golf cart... very little heat output. Love the size and location but disappointed in the heat output.

Dan Ewing
Dans heater

Can I hook this up to 16 volts? Fan appears kind of slow using one battery… can I use 2?